• Developing goals, budgets, annual and strategic plans, and accreditation reports

  • Organizing space utilization studies that include collection evaluation options, renovation planning, and project management

  • Facilitating meetings on strategic planning, productivity improvement, reorganization, and other administrative issues

  • Assessing staffing requirements, developing position descriptions, and implementing changes in organizational structure

  • Serving as interim leader in times of organizational transition - particularly in libraries (academic and public)








In the event of an unexpected change in staffing it may be necessary to bring in short term help while a replacement administrator is hired. These are the qualities I bring to an organization in need of quick, reliable leadership:


  • Expertise in key operational areas

    • Staffing (hiring, professional development, etc.)

    • Budgeting

    • Planning

    • Facilities management

  • Ability to quickly assess situations and develop short and long term plans

  • Understanding of organizational structures

  • Experience with bringing stability to situations




Planning and managing renovations, changing service points, or moving to a new location requires careful thought and attention to process and detail.  My experience with projects and renovation includes these activities.


  • Brainstorming sessions with stakeholder groups for input and feedback on designs for new or renovated spaces

  • Creative thinking to move past long-held ideas about services, spaces, and resources

  • Project management perspective to keep the momentum going

  • Coordinating services in libraries including:

    • Collection assessment and reduction planning

    • Architectural review of sites and preliminary design consultation



Many organizations do not have the personnel or time to spend taking a step back to see what could be done to improve efficiency or how to implement new processes.  I have led several major reorganizations of not only staff, but software upgrades, enterprise software installations, and office renovations.  The following skills are part of my service portfolio.


  • Common sense and a sense of humor

  • Seeing the "Big Picture" while also attending to details

  • An ability to break things down into steps and see connections between them

  • An ability to explain complex concepts in simple terms

  • Creative problem solving

  • Wililngness to try things out - "Pilot Projects" are a great tool!




It is in my nature to try to fix things and plan for possibilities.  I have had many opportunities to direct large and small projects in libraries and to oversee implentation of new technology tools and software.  From installing the first fiber network as part of a library automation project (moving from the card catalog to an online system) to serving as project director for a mulit-million dollar installation of Enterprise Software (Finance, HR, and Student Administration) I have gained insights on best practices for successful outcomes.


  • Formal project management training and experience

  • Flexible approach to "getting things done"

  • Strong organizational skills


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